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Message from CEO

Smart Air Chamber, SAC, as a company persuing a high standard of life, has a mission to prevent and ensure safety from various accident risks on roads. In particular, SAC has succeeded in commercialization of gas, which is one of the three basic forms of the material, by engaging in research on fusion products that have the function of effectively absorbing collision energy by SAC's advanced technology. SAC employees will continue to strive to develop fusion products to save people's lives from accidents.

CEO Yun Kyung Won, Ph.D

Smart Air Chamber

CEO's Biography

present CEO of Smart Air Camber

previous ex-Adjunct professor at Dankook University Main Project: in charge

Seoul Transportation Card (T-money) project

Real Estate Registration Project

Civil affairs 24 hour project

LG EDS : Head of System Division

LG CNS : Senior Vice President for Public Strategy Business Manager



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